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Gangster Notes ~ From the Tape Liner:
Enjoy a video tour of Chicago's most infamous Gangland sites. These are the places tourists want to see but seldom get to see ... like the bullet holes pock marking the front wall of the Holy Name Cathedral, and Al Capone's private home. The actual site of the St. Valentine Day's Massacre (with the assist of computer animation). The hotels frequented by Al Capone and other gangsters. The movie theatre where John Dillinger was gunned down. The funeral home where many of the most famous names in Gangland history made their exit - and then there are the burial sites - Al Capone's final resting spot (out in the open but not visible unless you know where to look) - mausoleums erected for the like of "Three Finger" Earl Hymie Weiss, Vincent "The Schemer" Drucci, "The Terrible" Gennas, Tony "The Dancing Torpedo" Guinta, and others.

Host Bill Margeson shares his expert knowledge of Chicago, its gangsters and it's Gangland sites to tell and show you what they did, where they did it - and what it all looks like today, seventy or so years later. C'mon, let's go look!

From the Writer
Anthony Hamilton, writer, Bill Margeson, host, and Robert Sandidge, producer - director, spun this little video adventure one overcast October with the intention of rounding up funding for a longer version with a bit more flash for television or theatrical release. When the preview edit was done, we realized that this version had merit of its own. While there are a couple of scenes with less than optimal light, the whole production has an authenticity and gritty reality appropriate to the subject and a feel that will not likely be captured again. In fact, several of the locations have since been demolished. What you see here is truly a historical document!

About the Actor
Bill Margeson's
knowledge and enthusiasm excites and involves even those not interested in this darker aspect of Chicago and U.S. history! His mostly tongue-in-cheek presentation keeps us wondering what he really thinks of these gangster types. What are you trying to tell us Bill?

About the Director
Robert Sandidge, Producer-Director, has written, produced, and/or directed hundreds of industrial video, event, and multi-image presentations in his 30 year career as owner of a marketing communications company near Chicago.

A 1971 mental health training video that Bob directed, Critical Mass Gallery, was the first training video reviewed in The Journal of Hospital and Community Psychiatry. The black & white production is still viewed by mental health trainees.

About the Technical Director
Ken Boshardy
, Technical Director, is an experienced producer and director of industrial presentations.



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